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          Products > TL360B(CQ6236B)


          high precision gear lathe TL360B(CQ6236B)x1000mm


          1.Varible speed as opthional.
          2Precision ground and harded bed ways.

          3.The spindle is supported with precision roller bearing.

          4.Head stock gears are made of high quality steel ground and hardened.

          5.Removable gap is provoded for larger diameter work.

          6.Easy operating gear box has various feeds and thread cutting function.

          7.Circular appearance as optional.

          8.51mm big spindle bore as optional.  

          Technical Specifications



          Max swing over bed


          Max swing over cross slide


          Max swing over gap


          Width of bed


          Max. swing in gap


          Max. length of workpiece


          Spindle bore 38mm/51mm
          Spindle nose D1-4"/D1-5"

          Range of spindle speeds

          70-2000rpm or 90-2000rpm

          Taper of spindle bore MT5/MT6
          Center height 178mm
          Threads metric pitches


          Threads imperil pitches


          Threads diametral pitches


          Threads module pitches 0.2-3.5MP/27Kinds
          Compound rest travel  90mm
          Cross slide travel   170mm
          Max.section of tool   16x16mm
          Longitudinal feeds range 

          0.082-0.2713mm/rev (Metric lathe)

          0.0032-0.1068in/rev(inch lathe)

          Cross feeds range

          0.018-0.746mm/rev(Metric lathe)

          0.0011-0.0367in/rev(inch lathe)

          External diameter  32mm
          Max.travel  100mm 
          Taper of bore  MT3 
          Main motor power  1.5KW 
          Coolant pump power  40W 
          Packing size  1950X750X1500mm
          N.W./G.W. 600/700kgs 

          Standard accessories

          38mm spindle bore

          Separated sheet iron feet

          3-jaw self-centering chuck

          4-jaw independent chuck

          Face plate

          Steady rest

          Follow rest

          Working light

          Coolant system

          Foot brake

          Dead center

          Thread chasing dial

          Full-length splash guard

          Chip tray

          Tool box and tools

          Optional accessories

          51mm bigger spindle bore

          Living center

          Taper turning attachment

          Drill chuck

          Chuck guard

          Lead screw guard

          Tool post guard

          Digital read out display

          Quick change tool post

          Limit stop block

          Separated cast iron feet