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          Products > TL210BL

          TL210BL Metal lathe 850W/1100W  Brushless motor All steel gear  lathe 38mm spindle bore hole+125mm chuck mini lathe machine
          1. spindle bore 38mm

          2. brushless motor 850W/1100W

          Model TL210BL
          Max. swing over bed 210mm
          Max. swing of tool 140mm
          Distance between center 400mm
          Bed width 100mm
          Spindle bore 38mm
          Chuck diameter 125mm
          Motor power 850W/1100W
          Taper of spindle MT3
          Number of spindle speed Variable speed
          Speed range 50-2500RPM
          Range of metric threads 0.5-3mm
          Range of inch threads 8-44TPL
          Automatic feed range 0.1-0.2MM
          Cross slide travel 75mm
          Taper of tailstock MT2
          Voltage 220V 50HZ
          Net Weight/Gross weight 68/75KG
          Packing size 900*480*480mm