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        1. Product Category

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          Products > XZ6350ZB


          XZ6350ZB universal radial milling machine





          Spindle taper

                  ISO40(V)     ISO40(H)

          Max.drilling diameter

                      50mm. 30mm       

          Distance from spindle to table


          Distance from horizontal spindle to table


          Distance from spindle to column


          Spindle speeds


          Spindle travel


          Feeding of quill

               (3steps)0.04  0.08  0.15     

          Max drilling capacity of auto-feeding


          Head movement(left/right)


          Table size


          Table travel(horizontal/cross/vertical)


          Feeding range of longitudinal cross travel


          Z-axis rapid feed speed


          Z-axis motor power


          Max weight of workpiece


          T-slot number /width/distance


          Horse power for main motor


          X.Y axis driving motor


          Overall dimension