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          Products > TL210F (210CNC)

          TL210F (210CNC)

          TL210F (210CNC) mini cnc lathe machine

          Windows software control
          Simple operation
          Functional and easy-to-operate control
          User-friendly drilling and milling cycles with graphic display
          7.2" LCD flat screen

          Simulation (projected)

          Model 210CNC
          Swing over bed 210mm
          Distance between certers 400mm
          Width of bed 100mm
          Spindle speed 50-2250r/min
          Spindle taper MT3
          Z-axis moving 2000mm/min
          X-axis moving 1000mm/min
          Z-axis feeding 500mm/min
          X-axis feeding 250mm/min
          Z-axis torque 1.5Nm
          X-axis torque 2Nm
          Z-axis travel 250mm
          X-axis travel 80mm
          Motor of Z axis 1.5N
          Motor of X axis 2N
          Tool position 4
          Angle of the tool post 360°
          Tape of tailstock MT2
          Travel of tailstock 50mm
          Z/X-axis position accuracy 0.01mm
          Position accuracy of tools 0.005mm
          Motor power  600W/1.1KW
          Weight 115/160KG
          Packing size


          Standard Accessories Optional Accessories 
          3-jaw Chuck 4-jaw Chuck
          Dead Center Tool Post
          Toolbox with Tools Tool Holder
          Coolant Pump Cutting Tools
          Oil Gun Handwheel
          Oil Tray PCMCIA Parallel Card
          Base Stand Computer Stand and Frame