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          Products > TL-210CNC


          The machine is an economic CNC lathe controlled by a PC and driven by step motors (or servo motor).
           It is suitable for turning turning cylindrical and taper faces, boring, grooving and cutting. 
          Technical data /技術參數
          Model No.型號 TL-210CNC
          Swing over bed 回轉直徑 210mm
          Distence betweer certers 床身長度  400mm
          Width of bed 床身寬度 100mm
          Spindle speed  主軸轉速 500-28000r/min
          Spindle taper 主軸錐度 MT3
          Z-axis moving  Z軸移動速度 2000mm/min
          X-axis moving  X軸移動速度 1000mm/min
          Z-axis feeding  Z軸進給速度 500mm/min
          X-axis feeding  X軸進給速度 250mm/min
          Z-axis torque  Z軸最大扭矩 2Nm 
          X-axis torque  X軸最大扭矩 2Nm
          Z-axis travel  Z軸行程 250mm
          X-axis travel  X軸行程 80mm
          Motor of Z axis  Z軸電機扭力 2N
          Motor of X axis  X軸電機扭力  2N
          Tool position 刀具個數 4
          Angle of the tool post 刀架角度 360°
          Tape of tailstock 尾架錐度 MT2
          Travel of tailstock 尾架行程 50mm
          Z.X-axis position accuracy  Z.X軸返回精度 0.01mm
          Position accuracy of tools 刀具回轉精度 0.005mm
          Main motor power 電機功率 600W
          Packing size 包裝尺寸 1080×784×1550mm
          Weight(n.e/g.w)重量(凈重/毛重) 165/200KG